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About Us

We, Pegasus Florist are an online revolutionary florist that specialize in the naturally dried lavender. 

Our vision, mission and tagline are as following,

  • Vision: To bring creatively wonderful moment to our customer
  • Mission: To create wonderful floral products with highflying imagination
  • Tagline: Creatively Wonderful!


Our brand:


  • Meaning: "wonderful product in the box"
  • Registered under the provisions of the Trade Marks Act 1976 & the Trade Marks Regulations 1997 with Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia

Products in store:

1. Lavender Bunch

2. Lavender Bouquet

3. Lavender Bridal

4. Lavender Arrangement

5. 3D Lavender Frame

6. Lavender Scented Bag

7. Lavender Accessories

8. Unique Greeting Card