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3D Lavender Frame (Love)

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3D Lavender Frame

The Lavender flowers message is one of refinement and royalty! Lavender represents love, success & happiness. Its beauty and aroma speak of grace, elegance and femininity.

Our naturally dried lavender are tied with jute rope & nicely arranged in a 3D frame. Further matched with different embellishment & wording to represent the message from the bottom of your heart.

The frame is in white or wooden colour. Easy-to-match with an added touch of rustic style.

Simply place it on your desk or anywhere you like for a cool piece of decoration… Not to mention as a unique gift for your loved ones ;P

> Naturally dried lavender

> No artificial fragrance/ colour added

> Lavender scent lasts up to 1 year


  • 3D frame: ≈ 18cm (height) x 13cm (length) x 3cm (width)
  • Inner: ≈14cm (height) x 9cm (length) x 2cm (width)

4 designs to choose from:

3D Lavender Frame (Happy Birthday)

  • Colour: White
  • Embellishment: Birthday Cake
  • Wording: “Happy Birthday!”
  • For: Happy Birthday

3D Lavender Frame (Love)

  • Colour: Wooden
  • Embellishment: Totoro (design may vary)
  • Wording: “Love!”
  • For: I Love You, Happy Anniversary, Happy Marriage, etc.

3D Lavender Frame (Smile)

  • Colour: Wooden
  • Embellishment: Rainbow
  • Wording: “Smile!”
  • For: Be Happy, Life is Great, Think Positive, etc.

3D Lavender Frame (Hello)

  • Colour: White
  • Embellishment: Lollipop (colour may vary)
  • Wording: “Hello!”
  • For: How are You, Hi There, I Miss You, Surprise, etc.

Use for

  • Gift 
  • Home/ office decor 
  • Wedding decor

**Lavender is not meant for consumption**

Benefit of Lavender

  • Purify air
  • Promote relaxation
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Boost memory
  • Repel insect

How to take care

  • Do not wet the lavender
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight/ heat
  • Wipe gently when dusty

Weight = about 0.35kg

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Session with Wisdom Owl

1. There are drop of lavender buds & moss in the 3D frame upon receipt. Is it normal?

Due to the characteristic of dried lavender, it is normal to have little drop during the transportation. If there is any (lavender buds / moss), open the frame with care, gently clear them away & put the frame back.

2. Why the colour of my lavender seem to fade away quickly?

As our lavender is naturally dried with no artificial colour added, the colour will slowly fade away due to oxidation process. However, if your lavender seem to fade away quickly, this may due to the place where you put  your lavender. Please keep them out of direct sunlight/ light/ heat as these will make their colour fade away quickly. 

3. What else should I pay attention to?

Never wet your lavender. It is advisable to put them in a dry & ventilated place. Please bear in mind that our dried flowers do not undergo chemical treatment to ensure no chemical residues remain. So, please avoid humid area as bugs and mold love a humid home. If you notice any, it's time for you to expose them to sunlight for a while, so that they stay dry all the time.

4. May I know about the shipping & payment method?

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