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Lavender Bunch (Golden Everlasting)

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Lavender Bunch (Golden Everlasting)

The Lavender flowers message is one of refinement and royalty! Lavender represents love, success & happiness. Its beauty and aroma speak of grace, elegance and femininity.

> Naturally dried lavender

> No artificial fragrance/ colour added

> Lavender scent lasts up to 1 year

Benefit of Lavender

  • Purify air
  • Promote relaxation
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Boost memory
  • Repel insect

**Lavender is not meant for consumption**

Golden Everlasting

Also known as Immortelle, Golden Everlasting are non-scented flowers that come in multi colours. Their daisy resembled petals commonly range from cream, yellow, orange to purple tones.

Golden Everlasting represents everlasting. It is due to their outstanding ability to retain the natural colour and shape for a very long time after dried.

In combination with lavender, they simply mean everlasting love, success & happiness.

> No artificial colouring added

> Lasts up to few years

Lavender Bunch (Golden Everlasting) consists of:

  • 100pcs of naturally dried lavender
  • 3pcs of dried Golden Everlasting (colour: random picked)

Use for

  • Gift
  • Decoration
  • Wedding decoration

How to take care

  • Do not water/ wet
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight/ heat
  • Gently pinch when the fragrance fades away (for lavender only)
  • Avoid frequent touch
  • Blow gently with hairdryer when dusty

Dimension of PVC box:

  • 10cm (l) x 7cm (w) x 50cm (h)  


  1. There are 100pcs of naturally dried lavender & 3pcs of dried Golden Everlasting in each bunch.
  2. These are natural flowers. So, the length of each stem may vary. Generally, they range from 20cm+ to 40cm+.
  3. You may find a mixture of young and mature lavender in the bunch as their growth rate are not the same.
  4. Due to the nature of dried flowers, little drop of lavender buds is normal. You may use them for the scented bag :)

Optional Add On (Personalised Love Tag):

  • Hand crafted & wooden type
  • Size: ≈ 6cm
  • To be tied on lavender bunch
  • Best for putting names (up to 2 names & 4 words only)
  • E.g.: James & Lily, Wong & Joseph, Lee & Kong, Hui Wen & John, 秋琳 志良
  • Please fill up in the “Remark” column upon checkout 

Weight = about 0.25kg

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 Session with Wisdom Owl 

1. There are drop of lavender buds when I unpack my bunch. Is it normal?

Due to the characteristic of dried lavender, it is normal to have little drop during the transportation. No worries, you may use them as the scented bag to ensure zero wastage from our product :)

2. I found that the length of each lavender stem is different. Is it possible to get a bunch with equal length?

These are natural flowers. Generally, they range from 20cm+ to 40cm+. We do not cut them into equal length so that our customers may decide the length they prefer and trim them accordingly :)

3. Why the length of my lavender flower is not the same? Some are long and some are short.

Mature lavender has long flowers (a.k.a. spike) while young lavender has shorter spike. You may find a mixture of mature & young lavender in the bunch as their growth rate are not the same.

4. I can’t smell my lavender scent after a while. Why?

Please bear in mind that our lavender bunch is naturally dried & no artificial fragrance/ colour added. The scent is purely natural and mild, unlike the intense artificial fragrance that may cause discomfort such as dizziness & nausea to certain user. So, you may not smell them all the time.

5. What should I do when the lavender scent fades away?

Gently pinch the buds with your fingers & you will smell the refreshing lavender scent again. Gently squeeze the bag if you are using some of them as the scented bag. Pinch/ squeeze more if you prefer a stronger scent :)

6. Why my fingers feel slightly oily when pinching the lavender buds?

When you pinch the buds, this will release their natural lavender essential oil with refreshing scent. That’s why you may feel slightly oily on your fingers.

7. Why the colour of my lavender bunch seem to fade away quickly?

As our lavender is naturally dried with no artificial colour added, the colour will slowly fade away due to oxidation process. However, if your lavender seem to fade away quickly, this may due to the place where you put  your lavender. Please keep them out of direct sunlight/ light/ heat as these will make their colour fade away quickly. 

8. Do Golden Everlasting have scent?

No, Golden Everlasting are non-scented even when they are fresh.

9. What else should I pay attention to?

Never wet your lavender & Golden Everlasting. It is advisable to put them in a dry & ventilated place. Please bear in mind that our dried flowers do not undergo chemical treatment to ensure no chemical residues remain. So, please avoid humid area as bugs and mold love a humid home. If you notice any, it's time for you to expose them to sunlight for a while, so that they stay dry all the time. Also, gently pat them once a while to remove any trapped dirt & dust.

10. May I know about the shipping & payment method?

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