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Lavender Scented Bag + Wisdom Pebble Owl

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Natural Lavender Scented Bag

The Lavender flowers message is one of refinement and royalty! Lavender represents love, success & happiness. Its beauty and aroma speak of grace, elegance and femininity.

> Naturally dried lavender

> No artificial fragrance/ colour added

> Lavender scent lasts up to 1 year


  • Purify air
  • Promote relaxation
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Boost memory
  • Repel insect

Where to put

  • Wardrobe, shoes cabinet, car and etc.

**Lavender is not meant for consumption**

How to take care

  • Do not water/ wet
  • Avoid direct sunlight/ heat
  • Gently squeeze the bag when the fragrance fades away

Dimension of scented bag

  • About 9cm (w) x 11.5cm (h) [before filling up]
  • Weight = about 25g/ bag

Personalize your pebble owl:

  • Fill up your message upon checkout (Message for pebble owl) 
  • Due to the pebble size, maximum message allowed is 8 words (short & sweet!)
  • Please include your name unless you want to stay anonymous:P
  • Leave it blank if you want to write it yourself

Weight = about 0.30kg

Session with Wisdom Owl 

1. I can’t smell my lavender scent after a while. Why?

Please bear in mind that our lavender buds are naturally dried & no artificial fragrance/ colour added. The scent is purely natural and mild, unlike the intense artificial fragrance that may cause discomfort such as dizziness & nausea to certain user. So, you may not smell them all the time.

2. What should I do when the lavender scent fades away?

Gently squeeze the scented bag & you will smell the refreshing lavender scent again. Squeeze more if you prefer a stronger scent :)

3. Why my hand feel slightly oily when squeezing the lavender scented bag?

When you squeeze the lavender scented bag, this will release their natural lavender essential oil with refreshing scent. That’s why you may feel slightly oily on your hand.

4. What else should I pay attention to?

Never wet your lavender. It is advisable to put them in a dry & ventilated place. Please bear in mind that our dried lavender buds do not undergo chemical treatment to ensure no chemical residues remain. So, please avoid humid area as bugs and mold love a humid home. If you notice any, it's time for you to expose them to sunlight for a while, so that they stay dry all the time. Also, gently pat the lavender scented bag once a while to remove any trapped dirt & dust.

5. Is the size of each pebble owl the same?

We are using the natural pebble for our owl painting. So, the size of each pebble owl is not the same. Generally, they range from 5cm to 6cm (height).

6. Is the pebble owl fully painted?

The front of the pebble is fully painted & decorated while the back is left unpainted. This is to maintain the natural appearance & texture of the pebble, as well as for us to write your message.

7. How to clean the pebble owl?

Our pebble owls are hand painted with high quality acrylic paint & protected with glossy varnish coat. They are water resistant & easily cleaned by wiping with soft cloth.

8. What is the length of the message to be written on the pebble owl?

Due to the pebble size, the maximum message allowed (including the recipient’s & sender’s name) is 8 words. Please include your name unless you want to stay anonymous. Alternatively, you may leave it blank if you want to write it yourself :)

9. What if my message is more than 8 words?

In that case we will write your message on a normal message card & leave the pebble owl blank. However, we encourage our customers to have something short & sweet, so that they are able to personalize their own pebble owl :)

10. May I know about the shipping & payment method?

For shipping, please click here; while for payment method, please click here.