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Send A Message (S.A.M.) Unique Greeting Card

RM 12.00

S. A. M. Unique Greeting Card

Do you miss someone very much? Having something in your heart but too shy to express face-to-face?

Thinking to send an ‘e-message’ but worry it’s not sincere enough?

Life is great, so let us be your personal POSTMAN and S. A. M. today!

> Personal Touch

> Unique

> Fun & challenging

> As DIY flower


  • Families
  • Friends
  • Lover
  • Secret lover
  • Anyone :)

What you need

  • Time
  • Good eyesight
  • Magic hand :P


  • Wishes on special day
  • To convey your love message
  • Simply greeting
  • Just for fun :P


  • Sender: provide message
  • We: encode message
  • Recipient: decode message & turn it into a DIY flower :)


S. A. M. consists of:

  1. Encoded message x 1
  2. Decoding table x 1
  3. DIY flower instruction x 1


  • Design at the back of the encoded message paper is random.

Sender's message:

  • Up to 120 characters (including punctuation, for e.g. Miss = 4 characters; Miss! = 5 characters)
  • Message in English/ Malay only
  • Please include “from” or leave it blank if you prefer to stay anonymous: P

Recipient’s how-to:

1. Unpack the S. A. M.

2. Decode the message based on the decoding table provided.

3. Use your magic hand to turn it into a DIY flower (instruction provided).

4. Share your flower with friends on FB :)

For combo package, please click here.

Session with Wisdom Owl 

1. What will I get in S.A.M.?

You will get Encoded Message x 1, Decoding Table x 1 & DIY flower instruction x 1 in S.A.M.

2. What should I do with the encoded message?

Decode the message based on the decoding table provided to reveal the secret message :P

3. What should I do after decoding the message?

Use your magic hand to turn it into a DIY flower based on the instruction provided along.

4. What is the length of the message to be encoded in S.A.M.?

The maximum length of the message allowed is 120 characters including punctuation (for e.g. Miss = 4 characters; Miss! = 5 characters).

5. What if my message is more than 120 characters?

In that case we will only encode your message until the 120 characters. Message after the 120 characters will not be included in S.A.M. We encourage our customers to have something within the limit so that the recipients can have fun to reveal the whole secret message :P

6. May I know about the shipping & payment method?

For shipping, please click here; while for payment method, please click here.